Falerio DOC

The age-old history of Falerio wine is written in its name. A name that comes from ancient Rome. This wine originates in the city of Falerio, today called Falerone. Falerio is the living testimony of the fame of the wines produced in the Picenum region in Roman Times.

BLEND OF GRAPES: Trebbiano 20-50%, Passerina 10-30%, Pecorino 10-30%, other authorized white-wine grapes.

TERRAIN: average textured soil, tending to clay between  200 and 350 metres altitude in Castel di Lama, Offida and Cossignano.

VINIFICATION (Wine making process): employs all the modern white-wine-making technology available today, cold static decantation of the must, fermented at a controlled temperature.

REFINEMENT OF WINE: in bottles for approximately 6 months

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS:  pale yellow colour, fresh fragrance of flowers, dry with a slight acidic taste.

TO BE SERVED: chilled at 12°-13°, this wine is perfect with starter courses, pasta, fresh cheese and last but not least with seafood and fish.