Offida Pecorino BIO DOCG

The vines once cultivated long ago in the Piceno region were recently rediscovered by a group of attentive wine makers. The grapes from these vines blend perfectly with all other white-wine grapes to add body, acidity and alcohol content, however, the pureness of this long-standing Offidian DOC wine made by our winery is truly unrivalled.

BLEND OF GRAPES: Pecorino 100%

TERRAIN: average textured soil, tending to clay between  200 and 350 metres altitude in Castel di Lama and Offida and Cossignano.

VINIFICATION (Wine making process): after light crushing, the grapes are pressed and separated from the peel, left in cold static decantation, then decanted and fermented at a controlled temperature.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS:  pale yellow colour with a green hue, an intense fragrance of flowers, mature golden fruit with a touch of the earth.

TO BE SERVED: chilled at 12°-13°, this wine is perfect with starter courses, pasta, fresh cheese and last but not least with seafood and fish.