Passerina Brut

PASSERINA BRUT: Over the past few years we, at the De Angelis winery, have discovered the enormous versatility of the Passerina white-wine grape, used long ago in the Piceno region to make Vinsanto (a sweet wine served with desserts). Today,It is also used for the production of sparkling wine.

SOIL:tending to clay between  200 and 350 metres altitude in Castel di Lama and Offida.        

VINIFICATION: (Wine making process): typical white-wine-making method at a controlled temperature, then in autoclave for two months for the sparkling effect.

REFINEMENT OF WINE: in bottles for approximately 6 months 

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS:  fine, copious perlage, transparent pale-yellow colour,  fresh fragrance of green apples and citrus fruit peels, a hint of herbs,pleasantly freshl, leaves a lingering taste of citrus fruits. 

TO BE SERVED: as an aperitif, a fine taste that brings out the full flavour of scampi, prawns and shrimps