GRAPES: Pure Pecorino.

HARVESTING AND VINIFICATION:: determined by 3-parameter maturation curve: sugar, total acidity, pH. Vinification by means of oxygen-free pressing, static decantation of the must, addition of selected yeasts, temperature-controlled fermentation.

MATURATION: in stainless-steel tanks for 4 months with battonage technique on the must lees, static decanting of the wine for 2 months and successive unfiltered bottling.

AGEING: in bottles for approximately 5 months.

SENSORY PROFILE: straw yellow colour with bright green hues, intense bouquet, fragrant on the palate with dominant acidity.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: best erved chilled at a temperature of 12°/14°, perfect with all types of Meditteranean fish dishes especially elaborate seafood cuisine.

SSHELF LIFE: 4 years approx.

ANALYSIS DATA: Alc. cont. 14% vol., Total acidity from 5,9 to 7 g/l, Volatile acidity from 0.15 to 40 g/l, Glucose and Fructose: inf. to 5 g/l, Sulphur total from 60 to 90 mg/l.